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Journal of Anglo-Portuguese Studies nº25/2017

The call for articles is open for issue no. 25 of the Journal of Anglo-Portuguese Studies. Articles, written either in Portuguese or English in accordance with the attached norms and accompanied by the respective abstract (about one hundred words in English) should be submitted, in word format, before 30th June, to the following e-mail address: The Journal of Anglo-Portuguese Studies is published annually and is subject to double-blind peer reviewing. The journal is devoted to the publication of original work which contributes towards a better understanding of Anglo (British and North-American)-Portuguese relations over different periods, and covers a wide range of academic disciplines, including History, Sociology, Philosophy, Science, Economics, Politics, Literature, Journalism, Translation, or the Visual Arts. Irrespective of whether or not the next number is published in printed form, the Journal will be released in digital form at (where issues no. 23 and 24 can already be found and soon no. 25) and at www.cetaps. Issues before no. 23 are available for consultation at


The importance of studying Anglo-Portuguese relations resides, to a great extent, upon the information (on the author and his subject) which is obtainable whenever the Self writes about the Other. The debate surrounding the Self and the Other, unity and diversity or oneness and multiplicity are indissociable from Anglo-Portuguese Studies and, indeed, from the cultural act, itself, because the comparison between cultures significantly enhances the perception of identity, by recognising a dimension which is, at once, both human and supranational, an aspect which should be visible in the articles selected for publication. In fact, the portrayal of the Other inevitably conveys a certain image of the viewer, so that the dichotomy of “culture which sees” and “culture which is seen” is a particularly sensitive issue in this context, which implies that this aspect is omnipresent across all the articles chosen for publication. Devoting itself to a wider knowledge of the study of Portuguese or English-speaking countries, from the earliest days of Anglo-Portuguese relations (12th century) to the present, the Journal covers every period in which there was any form of contact between the two cultures. In this intercultural dialogue which should be a feature of articles for publication, the “aesthetic of diversity” is expressed as an interest in the Other, in difference and alterity, whilst the “aesthetic of identity” is expressed by the definition of the Self, with all the intellectual marks left by its own culture.


About the Journal

Founded in 1990 by Professor Maria Leonor Machado de Sousa, the Revista de Estudos Anglo-Portugueses/Journal of Anglo-Portuguese Studies has been edited since 2014 by Prof. Gabriela Gândara Terenas and internationally peer-reviewed by Professor George Monteiro, Professor Patrícia Odber de Baubeta and Professor Paulo de Medeiros.