Peter Prince. Adam Runaway. London: Bloomsbury Publishing plc., 2006 (2005) – recensão

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Miguel Alarcão has a BA in Portuguese and English Studies (1981), MA in Anglo-Portuguese Studies (1986) and PhD in English Culture (1996), awarded by NOVA University, Lisbon, where he holds the post of Associate Professor. Director of the Central Library
(2001-09) and Co-coordinator of the Faculty’s earliest research group on Medieval Studies (1999-2004). Colloquial Assistant in Portuguese at the University of Birmingham (late 1980s). He has published two books, five co-editions and c. 70 articles in Festschrifts,  proceedings and academic journals on English/British Culture(s), Medieval English Studies and Anglo-Portuguese Studies.





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Alarcão, Miguel. “Peter Prince. Adam Runaway. London: Bloomsbury Publishing plc., 2006 (2005).” Revista de Estudos Anglo-Portugueses / Journal of Anglo-Portuguese Studies, no. 30, 2021, pp. 235-243.doi: